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United States






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[Art Trade] Angelique by Aenille

Hi I'm Clue. I'm 18
Wolf artist :3 I'm working on anime and cartooning. Life's pretty simple. Happily taken ! Tattoo artist ! <3

Currently unemployed. Looking for a job in a tattoo shop.

Love making friends <333

Anything else you want to know about me ? Just ask :3 Any questions ? Just ask XD
:bulletpurple:Gender: Female:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Age: 18:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Sexuality: Lesbian :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Relationship status: Taken :heart::bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Mood: Slightly bored:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Residence: Florida:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Class of: 2015:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Clue or Angie :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: My college of choice: Full Sail here in FL:bulletpurple:

Lion King~ Hoe vs Slut (Gif) by AnimeNightFall3

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 10, 2014, 8:54 AM

Name: Clue/Angie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Lesbian. I love the lady :3
Height: 5'5''
Hair color: Light brown (It has multiple colors in it now cause I've dyed my hair a lot)
Favorite feature: Stomach, hips and smile

H O M E - L I F E
Parent's marital status?: Never together
State/area you live in: Florida. Orlando
What does your room look like?: Bunk Bed, dresser, and a walk in closet
Favorite food: boneless wings, papa johns pizza and red meat
When do you usually go to sleep?: 12 maybe 1 ish
When do you usually wake up?: 5am for school. but on the weekends I wake up around 8

R I G H T - N O W . . .
Listening to?: Good 4 it by wallpaper
Eating: a cookie
Wearing: School uniform
Talking to: My classmate Mark and Franchesca
Feeling: Bored
happy about?: getting out of school in a 4 hours
Sad about?: Nothing right now lol

F A V O R I T E ?
Song: I'm not the one by 3oh3
Person: Don't have one :3
Member of your family: Little sister, Dog Cash, mom and dad
Animal: Pit bulls
Thing to wear: Skinny jeans
Day of the week: Friday
Thing to do: draw and play with my puppy
Drink: Wine cooler
Thing about yourself: I love my smile and tattoos. They define me :3
Thing to talk about: Music, deep shit, drawing, movies

L O V E - L I F E
Single or taken?: Single
Crushing currently?: Yes
Longest crush you've ever had?: on this chick named Juju. it lasted frommy 9th grade year to today.
First kiss: Joshua Sharp
Last person you kissed?: My ex
Describe your crush: Tall, slightly muscular, nice sized boobs, dread head, Jamaican, kind hearted, and funny
Does your crush know you like them (if applicable): Yeah... She likes me back :3

H A V E - Y O U -  E V E R . . . ? 
Bungee jumped: no
Gone skinny dipping: YES !
Smoked: Everyday !
Drank: Sometimes 
Done drugs: Only Marry Jane <3
Self harmed: Yes
Cried of joy: Yes
Been to the beach: Hell yeah ! I live in Florida !
Skipped school: yep and went to the beach !
Been suspended or expelled: Yepp. Fighting. I have a bad anger problem
Been on TV: nope 
Made someone cry: multiple times 
Fallen in love: yes

a little sunshine, by starbuttscoffeesleepyhead, by starbuttscoffee
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Good 4 it
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Music
  • Eating: Chips :3
  • Drinking: Soda



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